We are Gulliver!

Enterprise app experts in the heart of Europe

Who we are

Being in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is the best place to offer solutions for European and international markets. It is a central hub for a competitive presence in Europe and an increasingly attractive country for technology companies.

We focus in the development of apps and mobile solutions for the companies, aimed at the business and consumer market. We create cutting-edge projects that lead to an effective and concrete strategic advantage for companies.

Thanks to two development platforms designed and developed by us, we are able to offer reliability, investment protection and speed in development.

Our solutions are used in companies with branches and offices all over the world and can count on a multilingual support service always available.


The team is made up of people with experience in project management, development, assistance.

We also work closely with the Luxembourg university with joint research projects.

Our vision


Gulliver Luxembourg represents the will to go beyond our borders and push ourselves to new places and to gain a new prospective of the world.


Keeping up with market demands and anticipating its needs requires innovation and flexibility; by doing so, we will be able to satisfy customer's needs.


Achieving this development model requires a multicultural dynamic team, where young people from different cultures can discuss and collaborate towards a common goal.


Luxembourg is, by its very nature, the ideal place to put together different needs and visions.


Proposed projects already enjoy a great international experience. Active companies in the most diverse sectors have been able, thanks to our solutions , to organize and make their internal processes more efficient in a quick and concrete way through complete solutions in which the smartphone is the main actor.

Our solutions are:
• G-HR is a complete suite for the HR world.
• G-Transport is a system dedicated to logistics and transport.
• G-Sales is the support tool for the sales force.

All solutions based on our proprietary platforms
• MDC-X - the main engine for building apps
• G-OAL - our data orchestrator

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